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SAFU — high quality towel ponchos for everyone

We offer homemade ponchos made of various materials: terrycloth, waffle, and microfiber fabrics. Our multi-functional towel poncho doubles as a portable changing room, sauna towel, and body warmer.


Our ponchos are made of high-quality materials - 100% cotton terrycloth, waffle fabric, and microfiber fabric. Our products are designed and manufactured in Estonia.


The poncho can be used in many different ways, depending on the need: a bathrobe, a sauna towel, and of course also as a portable "dressing booth".


We also offer the option of ordering embroidery for each poncho. This is so that you can easily find yours at a surf camp or a sauna evening (amongst all the other SAFU ponchos).

The realization that it is necessary to sew ponchos in Estonia came about during the bonfire evening of the surf camp

I, Lydia, lead the SAFU brand. I love water sports, especially waterboarding, and hardly a day went by in 2018 and 2019 that I didn't spend at a wakepark. This time also included several poncho purchases, but they all ended in disappointment. That's why I had no choice but to announce to my friends by the fire in 2019 "I'm going to make ponchos now". I started and still do to this day.