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SAFU poncho with your logo
Company-branded pens, water bottles, notebooks and calendars are so last century! Your emp
loyees (your team, your business partners) deserve something much nicer, with long-term value.
The SAFU poncho will not stay idle in the wardrobe but quite the opposite - it would often be the first garment to reach for, thanks to its wide range of possible uses. From replacing the morning bathrobe to cosy-fying evening-time sauna-sessions, or elsewhere - it is a  cheerful yet practical, a (literally) heart-warming gift which makes its wearer smile inside and outside.
Send us an email hello at and find out more.
SAFU poncho in your store
Would you like to become a distributor of our products? It makes good sense if you have a sales shelf/channel for people who enjoy sauna, water sports, or who just like just spending time in the (often windy) Nordic outdoors (or snuggled down by the fireplace with hot chocolate)!
Let's do it! - Just drop us a mail and we will discuss the details.

Here are some photos of our previous collaborations: