Estonian design and handmade towel ponchos are a great companion for everyone.

  • 100% cotton material, which is warm and soft in contact with the skin, does not scratch the skin and is not uncomfortable. And it really dries your skin, instead of leaving a moist dew layer on it.
  • Use after swimming, sauna, surfing, showering.
  • Warm and thick material, so it is also suitable for slipping across the yard or the beach in windy weather.


"One of a kind" ponchos are available in one size:
Pikkus 115 cm
Laius 90 cm
Välistasku läbimõõt 35 cm
Sobib alates
kandjale pikkusega alates 155 cm

 Sisetasku suurus 18 x 20 cm


€189.00 €169.00
"One of a kind" - as special as you!

A poncho with a unique and unique pattern/color combo that guarantees admiring glances and lots of compliments. The product is made from scraps of fabric, which are matched together with special care in such a way that no product is repeated.
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The SAFU poncho is nice to throw on a hot body when slipping across the yard, it offers protection from the coolness of the evening when heading outside to cool off from the hot water tub. For festival-goers it's a warm companion on summer evenings filled with music. For water sports lovers, it dries and covers the body, protects against the wind. The poncho is large enough so that you can also change clothes in it.

At the same time, no one forbids you to use it instead of a bathrobe, just for moments of being. Whatever comes to your mind, you can do it wearing our warm body hugger. We live in a world where fashion trends have no boundaries.